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Prostate Cancer Support Federation

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Mansion House Chambers
22 High Street

Tel: (Helpline) 0845 601 0766, (Admin) 0161 474 8222


The Prostate Cancer Support Federation is an organisation of UK patient-led prostate cancer support groups. It is the only UK-wide patient-led charity that acts and speaks for prostate cancer patients and their families. Membership of the Federation is open to any patient-led support group.

The aims of the Federation are:

  • To assist and strengthen activities of member organisations in support of people affected by prostate cancer.
  • To act as a focus for, and to express the views of, patient-led support groups concerning:
    • raising awareness of prostate cancer
    • improving the health services available to prostate cancer patients
    • priorities for research into the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.
  • To encourage and support the formation and development of new local prostate cancer support organisations throughout the United Kingdom.

Last updated on 30/01/2013

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