RSVP - Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme

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237 Pentonville Road
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Tel: 0207 643 1385


RSVP is part of Community Service Volunteers and was launched in Great Britain in 1988 in the belief that retired people form a vast pool of untapped experience and ability. RSVP membership is free and open to anyone senior in age (50 ) or retired - all you need is some spare time and energy to help out in the community. Members are provided with a lapel badge, insurance whilst working for RSVP to cover them for Public Liability and Employers' Liability, newsletters, support and training, team meetings and socials.

By the time people reach retirement they have a tremendous amount to offer. There are literally hundreds of community organisations keen to utilise the skills and abilities of mature volunteers and desperate for a helping hand. Volunteers offer their time not money, and normally the project will reimburse any out of pocket expenses. Most volunteers put in about four hours per week, but others do much more or much less.

Last updated on 05/09/2014

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