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Suite 6, Churchill House
Horndon Park
West Horndon
CM13 3XD

Tel: 01277 811215


SADS UK - the Ashley Jolly Sudden Adult Death Trust is an organisation that was set up to save lives by raising awareness about heart conditions that can cause a premature sudden unexpected death if not detected and treated. The charity also assists people living with cardiac arrhythmia.

The Trust donates heart monitors to doctors surgeries and defibrillators to schools and in the community. SADS UK works to safeguard those who may be at risk from a fatal cardiac arrhythmia and raises awareness about the possible hereditary nature of cardiac conditions.

In addition to fundraising, the Trust is in contact with other organisations and individuals for the purpose of sharing information and experiences. Support is offered to bereaved families and those living with cardiac arrhythmia.

Last updated on 05/09/2014

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