The Dark Horse Venture

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St Mary's Millennium Centre
Meadow Lane
West Derby
L12 5EA

Tel: 0151 256 8866 (9 am-2 pm - Mon, Tues & Thurs)

The Dark Horse Venture is a national charity that encourages retired and older people to get involved in a wide range of new activities and interests. This is done through a scheme that recognises the achievements, talents and abilities of older people and helps put them to practical and creative use. The scheme is open to anyone aged 50 and over. There are four categories covering a wide range of activities, as follows:

  • Giving and sharing
  • Learning and doing
  • Exercising and exploring
  • Generations working together

People can participate in groups or individually.

Contact the above address or telephone number for further details, including an application form to register, for which there is a small fee.

Last updated on 01/11/2013