The Psychotherapy Centre

153 Victoria Road
Queen's Park

Tel: 0207 328 4804 or 0208 579 5533


The Psychotherapy Centre is an established training, therapy, publishing, referral and research centre. It's practitioners take on patents who have emotional problems, relationship difficulties, migraine, headaches, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, alcoholism, anxiety, blushing, kleptomania, nightmares, over-eating, phobias, psychosexual problems, stammer, stutter, or torticollis. For details of the nearest psychotherapists who have had the four years of training required by the Centre and who continue to comply with the standards it requires in competence and ethics, please contact the Centre who will supply further information, including professional qualifications and fees.

The Centre produces a range of publications available by post. These include titles such as:

  • Selecting a Psychotherapist
  • Emotional Problems; Different Ways of Dealing with Them
  • Group Therapy: We tried it
  • Hypnosis in Psychotherapy
  • Psychotherapy - is it Helpful or Harmful?
  • How to assess Therapy Organisations
  • Enjoy Meeting People
  • Enjoy Childbirth
  • Nervous Symptoms and Problems
  • Beyond the Magic Potion
  • Enjoy Parenthood
  • Enjoy Marriage

Last updated on 30/10/2013

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