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Stratford House
Waterside Court, Neptune Way

Tel: 0845 4508422


The Signalong Group is a charity providing publications, research, training and advice in sign-supported communication. The main users are services for children and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism. Signalong has published the widest range of BSL-based vocabulary in Britain, using a method of drawing and describing signs which is consistent throughout.

Manuals cover needs ranging from pre-school and pre-language up to preparation for work, including health and sex education. Other publications incorporate symbol and picture representations combined with signs. The sexual awareness resource pack is supplied on disk, with symbols and sign diagrams with Widgit CIP.

Titles include:

  • Basic vocabulary
  • Picture/symbol pack (nouns)
  • Picture/symbol pack (verbs)
  • An introduction to the workplace
  • Personal and social education
  • Nursery rhymes activity pack
  • National literacy strategy
  • It's my life (vocabulary for personal development)
  • Independent living
  • At the table
  • By the sea
  • Baby's first words
  • Going to school
  • We have feelings too

Signalong produces a newsletter on current activities, a factsheet on the Signalong signing system and a publications list.

Last updated on 29/10/2013

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