The Speech, Language & Hearing Centre

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1-5 Christopher Place
Chalton Street

Tel: 0207 383 3834


The Speech, Language and Hearing Centre is an Assessment and Therapeutic Centre for babies and children under 5 who have a hearing impairment or a delay in their speech, language or communication or who have more complex needs. The Centre offers the following services.

  • An interdisciplinary assessment.
  • One-to-one speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.
  • Auditory Verbal Therapy.
  • A specialist nursery school.
  • A parent and toddler group.
  • An afternoon nursery.
  • A complex needs group.

The award-winning, purpose-built Centre provides an acoustically treated environment where a structured language-enriched programme is offered to each child in small groups and as one-to-one therapy. The Centre welcomes full parental involvement and close liaison with other professionals involved in the child's development.

Referrals can be made directly to the Centre by parents or interested professionals. Funding is in a variety of ways: local authority funding, Christopher Place sponsorship funding, payment directly by parents, or private health insurance.

Last updated on 29/10/2013

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