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Tiny Tickers is a national charity that aims to have a practical impact on the lives of the 3,000 heart babies born each year and their families by improving the detection, diagnosis and care of babies with major heart problems, before birth and in the first year of life.   Their goals are to:

  • Increase detection of heart disease before birth, through training and education, to improve the quality of life for heart babies.
  • Improve the professional standards used to train, screen, diagnose and care for heart babies.
  • Reduce illness, damage and complications by raising awareness of the impact of undetected congenital heart disease and the dangers of delays in diagnosis at home and in the community.

If these goals are met, more babies with heart conditions would have an earlier diagnosis, allowing families and doctors to be involved at an earlier stage and give these babies the chance of a better start in life.

Last updated on 07/03/2013

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