UKSA - UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability

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The UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability (UKSA) was established in 1980.

UKSA promotes, facilitates and supports talented sports people with learning disability in the UK to train, compete and excel in national and international sport.

UKSA is a national disability sports organisation and strategic umbrella body working with agencies and athletes from all over the UK who develop grass roots sports opportunities. UKSA facilitates talented athletes along the performance pathway to international opportunities including European and World Championship events, plus the Global Games and ultimately the Paralympic Games. UKSA is the only portal in the UK through which Great Britain athletes can compete at INAS competition.

UKSA's role is unique as it is the only organisation for sport for people with learning disability that has a truly UK-wide remit. UKSA is responsible for classification of athletes with learning disability in the UK.

UKSA is recognised by UK Sport, is a member of Paralympics GB and is the only GB member of INAS, the international Federation for Para Athletes with Intellectual Disability.

Last updated on 25/10/2013

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