Wellbeing of Women

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First Floor, Fairgate House
78 New Oxford Street

Tel: 0203 697 7000

Web: www.wellbeingofwomen.org.uk


The mission of Wellbeing of Women is to improve women’s health. They:

  • Fund research into women’s gynaecological and reproductive health that is most likely to transform women’s healthcare.
  • Supply training grants to recruit and retain good doctors and midwives in gynaecology and obstetrics.
  • Provide women with information about their health and ensure the public are better informed about women’s health issues.
  • Work in partnership with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to improve women's health.

Wellbeing of Women raises money to invest in medical research and the development of specialist doctors and nurses working in the field of reproductive and gynaecological health.

They ask women what issues are important to them and what aspects of their health most concern them and constantly speak to doctors and specialists to find out what they think will make the most difference. Wellbeing of Women conduct online surveys regularly. They also hold seminars and debates each year and encourage women to openly discuss their issues.

Wellbeing of Women wants every woman to be empowered, more informed and confident to speak about their health problems.

Last updated on 10/10/2013

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