7 tips for exercising in cold weather

Tips 5 to 7

5. Hydrate

Many people skip carrying a water bottle in the cold because they feel like they don't perspire enough. But, just like exercising in extreme heat can dehydrate your body, so can the cold weather.

6. Proper clothing is important

Wear synthetic fabrics, fleece and wool in that order. The synthetic should go against your skin to wick away moisture and the fleece or wool should be the second layer to help insulate. Top it off with a breathable, waterproof layer to protect against the wind - and you are ready to face the elements!

7. Warm-up and cool down

One of the best things you can do to avoid injury is to allow five minutes before and after your workout to get your muscles, nervous system, and entire body ready for movement. A brisk walk at the beginning of your workout, followed by some gentle stretches and yoga moves at the end can make all the difference.


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