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Tunic dress, £12.90, from Uniqlo and Cabbages & Roses

This lovely simple tunic dress is the work of Uniqlo's latest collaboration, with Cabbages & Roses and its very traditional, muted and charming designs. There are also T-shirts, bags and more as part of the range, all with the signature prints.


Rabbit scarf, £35, from

Don't chase these particular bunnies out of the allotment: they are far too stylish. This brilliant bold print from Red Brick is part of the new spring range. It's 100% silk, measures 70x70cm and does not include any manure, rabbits or actual carrots.


Children's clothes from Corby Tindersticks,

Buy of the Day does love a unisex clothing brand for kids, and Corby Tindersticks is a really fabulous new one. The striking illustrative designs are simple but totally unique, plus the label also wins the prestigious BoTD "brilliant if slightly random name" award. One to watch out for, and a lovely antidote to any parents who are totally pink/train/camouflaged out when it comes to kidswear.


Ben and Jerry's Core range, stockist info at

A tub of ice-cream with a core of squidgy-gooey stuff in the middle? Yes please. Pass the spoon to Buy of the Day, thank you. These new additions to Ben & Jerry's range include the dangerously moreish Peanut Butter Me Up – a raspberry jam centre surrounded by peanut-butter and vanilla ice-cream with chocolatey covered peanut-butter cups. Basically a sugar rush in a tub, then. But it's a delicious and Fairtrade sugar rush in a tub, so that's OK in our ice-cream smeared book.


SwimFin, £21.99, from

This clever device is essentially a float. It straps on to a child's back, leaving their arms and legs free to move naturally so they gain confidence in the water as they learn to swim. It provides a more natural position in the water than bulky inflatable arm bands, and can be worn from as young as two years. Jaws theme music not included, but ought to be.

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