China beats USA and Brazil in fitness tracker survey

When it comes to the popularity of using fitness trackers to monitor health, the people of China come out top, according to a new survey across 16 countries.

According to the online survey of 20,000 internet users*, 45% of those in China who were questioned, monitor their health either using a fitness tracker or band, a smartwatch or mobile app in this way Next in line were the USA and Brazil (29% of those surveyed said they tracked their health in this way). Just 19% of those surveyed from the UK said they used fitness trackers.

Overall the survey revealed that one in three people (33%) questioned currently monitor or track their health or fitness using such devices and tools.

The gender difference

What's more, in most countries studied, men are ahead of women in this activity. However, five countries appear to buck this trend, by having a higher percentage of their female than their male online population currently tracking their health and fitness in this way.

Those nations are: China (48%, compared to 43% male respondents), Russia (21% of women compared to 17% of men), France (27%, compared to 25% of men), Australia (20%, compared to 18% men), and Canada (20%, compared to 19%).

Those surveyed aged 30-39(41%) and 20-29(39%) years-old apparently are most keen on tracking their health and fitness.

Overall, the most popular reason internationally for tracking their health was "to maintain or improve my physical condition or fitness"(55% of people), followed by "motivating themselves to exercise" (50%)

*Source: GfK online survey

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