Five yoga videos to help you lose weight!

15-minute power yoga for the core – Yoga by Candace

Most believe that you can’t get a sweat by doing yoga. But just try this 15-minute workout and you’ll see how wrong that is. It’s an intense core workout that will help sculpt your body and lose those love handles. At the end, Candace lets you rest and relax with a five-minute savasana, so your body can absorb the benefits of the power workout.

Yoga for weight loss – 30-minute fat burner – Yoga TX

If you want to get going on your New Year’s resolution try out this amazing full-body workout. This will help you achieve your goal of losing weight with moves that burn fat. They also do a seven-day challenge video that would keep you moving towards your fitness goal throughout the month

Yoga flow for abs and core strength – Yoga with Tim Senesi

This video shows that yoga is not just for women but also for men. This is an intense ab workout that seeks to tone and build core strength. Learn some key yoga pose that you can build into your daily routine.

Yoga for weight loss – Lesley Fightmaster

Lesley creates the perfect class for weight loss. The video is bound to help you burn some calories. She guides you through poses and positions that will both tone and help shed weight, although she does stress that as with all weight loss, you must eat well to create the best results.

Yoga for core strength, abs and lower back – Yoga TX

When working out, most of us forget to pay attention to our back; however, with it being our main support, we shouldn’t. And this video will help you strengthen back muscles, but also your abs. This quick class will help you improve stability and leave you feeling better by the end.


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