Georgia Brown tries an 80s aerobics class

What is it all about?

Let your Jane Fonda moves out of the living room at an 80s aerobics class. Dust off your neon legwarmers, sweatbands and hold-your-stomach-in leotard, and leave your self-consciousness at the door. You'll do the grapevine, relive the ripple and generally get into the groove while a DJ spins your favourite 80s hits.

Very retro. Who is behind it?

I tried it out at Punk in Soho, London. DJ Lauren L'Verge had been playing 80s tunes to packed nightclubs and, seeing how much everyone enjoyed dancing to disco, she thought it would be great to learn the moves. She teamed up with Rosy Rowlands, a fitness instructor, and Fancy Footwerk was born.

What's so good about it?

It's just as good for people who remember the 80s as those who only remember the revival, and it's not just for girls. You learn dance routines with the emphasis firmly on fun - a bit of air guitar with your grapevine, anyone? In my first class we recreated the dance-off in Michael Jackson's Beat It video and did a bit of Madge's vogueing (OK, so that's not strictly 80s). The pIaylist ranged from Lipps Inc's Funkytown to Flashdance's Maniac via the Lambaba. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much while working out.

Does it deliver?

Once I'd got over the shock of wearing full-body Lycra for the first time since my teens, I found the routines varied, easy(ish) to follow and high-energy enough to work up quite a sweat. Rosie takes you through all the moves and no one minds if you miss a few beats.

However, you may be dressed like Madonna but if you want a body like hers you should opt for a more intensive exercise regime.

Sounds a bit body con …

While donning retro outfits is encouraged and gets you a pound off the class price, you can wear regular sports gear if you're feeling shy. Or wear a forgiving baggy T-shirt - one participant opted for a Ghostbusters tee, a perfect compromise. You get free entry to the 80s club night at Punk that follows the class, so you can show off your outfit as well as your new moves.

Perfect if …

You want a laugh with your mates and an excuse to splash out on some shiny Lycra garb from American Apparel (assuming you don't intend to wear it down the local).

Best avoided if …

You prefer feeling the burn to Burn Baby Burn.

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