How was your weekend running?

I'm just back from a lovely week in Berlin, where I spent quite a lot of time on the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark track . Not one to let holidays get in the way of training, me. Particularly when a lovely track that's open virtually all the time, has fantastic facilities and is free to use, is on offer. And when my big race is now less than a month away.

So how do you run when you are on holiday – if you run at all? I find the long runs are the hardest – you can't just mindlessly go off on your normal route as at home but you hardly want to be jogging along with your nose in a map. How do you manage: do you meticulously plot routes beforehand or, like me, find yourself doing most of a 10-mile run on a track.

As usual, share your weekend highs and lows, PBS and PWs below the line.

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