Lose the loose stomach

Joyce Vedral

If you are tired of loose hanging skin on your stomach and back area, I've got the perfect workout for you and it only involves a few minutes of working out every day!

Many women e-mail me saying that they have exercised their stomachs and back endlessly, only to end up with hanging skin in the stomach and back area. Well today we're going to focus on making that loose skin adhere to the developing mini-muscles.

Why does loose skin occur anyway? It happens when we finally lose weight but don't replace the empty area with anything for the skin to cling to. That's why it's important to do the right exercises.

So which one are you? A person who has already lost weight and now has hanging skin, or a person who wants to lose weight but fears hanging skin? Well good news! The following workout applies to both of you. Whether you're overweight and want to lose and tone without your stomach and back skin hanging, or, someone who has lost the weight and is horrified to see the sag, I have the remedy.

These three exercises will help get the job done in a few minutes every day.

1. Alternate Knee-In

Lie flat on the floor with your arms straight out at your sides. Then draw only your right knee to your chest as far as possible, all the time flexing your entire abdominal area as hard as possible. Without resting or letting up on the flex, return your right leg to start position and draw your left leg toward your chest as far as possible. Keep repeating these movements until you have performed repetitions for each leg. Rest 15 seconds and repeat the set two more times.

2. Crunch-Reach

With your back flat to the floor and your chest and shoulders off the ground, flex your entire abdominal area – you are in the start position. Keeping your entire abdominal area flexed, extend your arms toward the ceiling, keeping your arms close to the sides of your body, and at the same time straighten your legs. You are in the finish position. Keeping your working abdominal muscles flexed throughout the movement, repeat until you have performed 15 repetitions. Repeat the set two more times.

3. Cross Bench Pullover

Lie on a flat bench with your back flat to the bench and a dumbbell held above your forehead. You are in start position. Lower the dumbbell behind your head until you feel a stretch in your back-bra roll area. Flexing as hard as possible, return to start position. Repeat the movement ten times. Do two more sets. Use a 3 pound weight but keep raising the weight as you get stronger.

How long will it take to see results? You should feel something happening in 10 days. In three weeks you should see a slight lifting of the skin at it begins to adhere to the developing mini muscles. In 12 weeks you should see clear changes. The stomach may take as long as six months to a year for perfection, so persevere! You can add in other exercises to speed up the process.

For additional exercise combinations and more information on getting rid of loose skin on your stomach, back and other body parts, visit Joyce at her website www.joycevedral.com .

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