Physical exercise: Is your lifestyle killing you?

Extra 10 minutes of activity?

So if you only need at least ten minutes at a time to gain some health benefits then have a think about yesterday? What did you do? Where could you add an extra ten minutes of activity?

For myself, cycling to work and taking a walk at lunchtime has been key ways to increase my levels of physical activity. On my days as a GP at the Haxby Group in York, walking to the waiting room to collect patients has also helped me sit less and move more!

So even when you are at work, are there things you could do to move more?

The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) guidelines include resistance exercises. For many people this means weightlifting or other activities they may not be interested in. While that would be a suitable option, if it is not something that fits in with your life or something you want to do, then consider resistance training to be anything that applies more resistance than is normal. You can do a range of resistance exercises at home and with everyday items. We will explore this in another blog in more details - but try standing up and sitting down repeatedly, try using your body weight or other household objects to provide that resistance.

The impact physical activity can have to our health is incredible. A large variety of things count as physical activity, so the key thing is to find something you enjoy, something that fits into your life and something that you can sustain. Whatever that is, get doing it and do it as often as you can!

If physical activity is that important surely it should take priority in our day? How could you add more activity into your day?

Read on to get 5 great tips to get you started.


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