Physical exercise: Is your lifestyle killing you?

Top 5 tips to get started

Getting started as well all know is the hardest thing. Once you have started and hopefully created a habit and made your physical activity choice a normal part of your life…well then you have accomplished something great! Something many of us find extremely difficult to do…and then we are ready to progress your physical activity regime further.

1. Add physical activity to your normal daily routine. Integrate it into your daily life as much as possible. Can you take a walk at lunch time? Can you cycle or walk to work? Can you take a walk while completing phone calls?

2. Make physical activity as important a part of your day as brushing your teeth. The benefits of physical activity need to be repeated almost daily to maintain their effect - just like brushing your teeth!

3. Map your average day- Where can you add in some more physical activity? It is always easier to add it into your current day than find new time.

4. Be more active with other people - they always make you more accountable and more likely to stick to it! Go walking with family or friends.

5. It doesn't matter how you raise your heart rate, all that matters is you raise it, get warm and break a sweat! It could be walking, dancing, swimming, walking football, the gym, park run- it doesn't matter so…

Are you ready to change? Take the action to see the reward!

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