Physical exercise: Is your lifestyle killing you?

Why are you so inactive?

Were you active when you were younger? Has work got in the way? Has family commitments got in the way? What has caused you to become less active? What stops you being more active? For me, I was active throughout university playing a range of sport, then suddenly my first hospital job was shift work with long hours and it was easier to come home and do no physical activity and before long I had changed my behaviour and it was hard to get back to activities again. We know that throughout life even those who are very active may become less active in another part of their life due to a range of reasons.

Physical activity does not necessarily need to be a sport or even the gym. Ideally we need to find something that will help raise our heart rate and get us slightly out of breath. If we can maintain that for more than 10 minutes at a time and aim for a total of 150 minutes a week, then we are heading in the right direction.

How we get out of breath and the activity that we choose is up to us! For most people a brisk walk is enough and there are so many ways to make the walk interesting and gain more health benefits which we will talk about in another blog. Remember that even if we can't meet the 150min target, doing something is going to still reduce our risk of so many illnesses.

Source: UK Chief Medical Officers' Guidelines 

Read on to find out how just 10 minutes activity can make the difference.


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