Running blog: how was your weekend running?

What did the weekend bring for you, fellow runners? Did you get out in some sunshine – which may even have dried up a bit of the endless mud?

For myself, having never really been injured before in my running "career" so far (coming up to two years now), I am coming to terms with how quickly you can lose running fitness. Four weeks ago yesterday, I ran 19 miles fairly comfortably. Yesterday, 8.5 felt like a marathon. Well, a half. It's all very well trying to keep up your cardio fitness with gym sessions, but nothing can replicate the tired legs you get at the end of a long run. Or a long week. I've got a bit of a slog back up again ahead of me, and am trying not to be too dispirited about it.

Cheering me up (not a PR plug by the way, I bought them out of my own hard-earned) are my new calf compression socks from Tela. The chap who high-fived me was wearing a Serpentine Club running top, and not only cheered me up, but reminded me to stop the moaning about losing fitness and enjoy being able to run again. Colourfully.

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