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Sometimes I like to talk about the big issues – why do we run? When do we run? How do we get faster? How do we recover? And sometimes I like to sweat the small stuff. Hopefully not too sweaty, since today I am thinking about running socks. Yes, socks. It's all glamour here, no?

I have a friend who swears by socks from the pound shop to run in – she wants the thinnest possible layer between foot and shoe. When she's worn "proper" running socks she's promptly got blisters. Whereas I once, due to bad planning, had to do a run in the only spare pair available, and can confirm that stripy cotton panda socks do not agree with my feet. The pandas didn't look impressed either.

So what is your running sock of choice? I've recently discovered the Sock Mine. They make running socks, cycling socks, horse riding socks, skiing socks, snowboarding socks … basically lots of sporty socks. They are also made here in the UK, though since they appear to be the produce of elf labour, I'm not sure what the word is on their ethical credentials. Do the elves get the living wage? What is the living wage for an elf anyway?

Err, where was I? Oh yes, socks. So, the Sock Mine pairs are really very good. I used to swear by double-layered socks but my feet appear to have hardened up (possibly to titanium-like levels) because at least in summer I now prefer single layer, albeit with some cushioning, and the 'cool runner' are perfect for me. They also wash really well – an essential attribute, you'd think, but not always the case as I've had pricey socks shrink even when following washing instructions to the letter.

I do also really like these Merrell socks, and for long runs, my trusty albeit probably close-to-retirement Wright socks, which unlike many double-layered socks, do not require extensive re-shaping after washing. Nike Dri-Fit are also good, particularly if you want an "invisible" sock, though I probably would limit them to shorter runs.

So, come on folks, lets get geeky about socks. What are your favourites, do you religiously buy the same brand, or are your feet blister-proof?

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