Running blog: how was your weekend running?

How are you all feeling this sunny Monday morning (in Kings Cross, anyway)? I may need some clever running blog regular to invent a device that sends me a mild electric current every time someone writes a comment below the line - I had to do my normal Sunday long run this morning, and 15 miles before work on a Monday morning is a bit of a slog. Is it bedtime yet?

Due to school holidays and a five year old coach/companion last week, I ended up doing all my runs at the track. Given I run six days a week, that is a lot of miles in a 400m circle. Then again, I've met a few people who have done 24 hour track races, so I suppose that's a mere warm up for them. I can't say that remotely appeals to me, though I suppose at least on a track when you reach the shuffling-zombie stage of running, you are less likely to fall over something. A friend was telling me he saw the tail end of the Battersea 24 hour race last year, and described it as resembling the Night of the Living Dead, only without the energy. It's coming up soon this year, anyone tempted?

So how was your weekend running - any PBs to report? Injuries to sob over? Come and share below the line - sympathy and congratulations guaranteed, though you might have to wake me up first ...

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