Running blog: how was your weekend running?

With apologies to the rest of the world, this weekend saw a bank holiday in the UK – hence both the appearance of our usual debrief on a Tuesday, and also the large number of races in the calendar. Half marathons, trail races, road races, track races, aquathons, triathlons – virtually everything you can possibly do in running shoes and/or get medals for. Not, mind you, as busy as 15 September will be. That date is surely the most packed ever in sheer amount of events, from the World Triathlon Championships to the London Duathlon via a great deal of, well, just straightforward running races. Perhaps it's the ideal time for a race – after the school holidays, unlikely to be (fingers crossed, I'm racing myself) mid heatwave and a good time for those in training for an autumn marathon to test themselves?

But that's of course just in the UK. What's the ideal – or worst – time for races where you live? How do you cope in the hottest parts of the southern hemisphere come mid-summer – are there still races to be found or do you stay sane and cool indoors on a treadmill? Share your, um, climactic challenges as well as your weekend activites below the line.

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