Running reviews: do you like them?

Hello, running blog readers. I want to ask your opinion on the subject of reviews. This topic has cropped up from time to time since we launched the running blog. Some people are vehemently opposed to them; others have complained that we don't do them.

What do you think? Do you find them helpful? And when I say reviews, I mean many different types: kit, footwear, races, perhaps even (other) blogs. What would you find helpful, and what would you want us to avoid like the plague?

My own thoughts are that some I find totally useless – what is the point of reviewing a running shoe, when it might be perfect for me but totally useless for someone else? They are just too individual a fit (to your size, to your gait, to your particular needs) to make any sense. But maybe you'd like to know more about what type of shoes are available? For instance, a roundup of types of trail shoe, and what conditions they might be useful for?

Others, on the other hand … Personally, when I have been pondering spending a fair amount of cash on, for example, a new running watch, or a high-tech winter running jacket, my first stop is to Google and look at reviews to see if other runners thought it worth the money.

Or perhaps you think we should avoid kit entirely, and run, say, a series of reviews on books for runners (marathon training guides are now legion) or podcasts?

This is a genuinely open question, by the way – I have no reviews on the cards so I really want to get feedback. Though, of course, whatever we do we are bound to annoy some of you …

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