Summer fun with your kids

Instead of watching our action packed summer of sport on tv, get fitter and healthier with your own little champions.

The kids are off school again and I bet every mum and dad is worried about the impact this will have on their fitness plans. And of course there is the added concern of how to keep your little ones entertained during the holidays.

We have complied a list of 10 fun indoor and outdoor activities that will keep you on track and get the children off the couch and exercising.

Any extra exercise that you can build into your plan will help you to not only can boost your weight loss but also tone you up. There is no reason for the summer holidays to play havoc with your exercise routine, it's actually an opportunity to build more activity into your day.

And of course, the kids will love being active and getting to play with you all day – not to mention how tired they will be at bedtime.

It is becoming increasingly important to incorporate exercise and activity into children’s lives to make sure they will not become part of the increasing numbers of overweight or obese children. By building family fun games into your daily routine you will see the positive effects on their lives and health.

When children can play and use their imagination they are much more likely to enjoy being active and exercising. They will love getting to spend time with you and you will be benefitting from increased levels of activity.

By making a wall chart of all your activities and who wins, the kids will be motivated to get more active. It will also pass a rainy morning or afternoon. You can then reward the winners with a range of activities you have chosen. Rewards should focus on new activities such as swimming, bowling or a trip to the park rather than food rewards like a trip to McDonalds. Hopefully there will be something in the below list for everyone, including you.

Indoor activities

Jumping Jacks

How many jumping jacks can each player complete in one minute? You can build this up by including a rule such as touching your toes between each jumping jack.

Milk bottle game

Take some empty milk bottles and head to the garden or beach and fill these up with pebbles or sand. Holding a bottle in each hand, you can then compete to see how many times you can touch the bottles above your head, behind your back and in front of you.

Dance party

Put on the radio or a CD and have a dance party with the kids. An hour of dancing will burn around 300 calories so the more active you are, the more calories you will burn.

Lava games

This involves imagination, creativity and is lots of fun. Take sheets of paper or mats and place them across the room. The idea is that each player must try to jump across the room without touching the ‘lava’ floor. The winner is the person who makes it to safety first.

Indoor wheelbarrow races/walking ‘like a giant’

Indoor wheelbarrow races are great because they get all your limbs moving and are a great way to occupy lots of children. Walking ‘like a giant’ is an easy way to get kids doing lunges while they pretend to be giants.

Outdoor games

Hiking and hunting

Take the kids to the local park or wood and get the searching for leaves, feathers and animal tracks. You will while away hours of running around without even noticing!

Obstacle course

This can be set up with hula hoops, footballs, bean bags and any swings or trampolines you have in your home. Get the kids to design the course and watch the calories burn away as you join in.


Using only chalk this is a cheap and cheerful way to spend an afternoon. You can make the squares bigger and smaller depending on your children’s ages.

Hula hoop frisbee

The aim is to try to fly the Frisbee through the hula hoop. One player holds the hula hoop above their head and tries to ‘catch’ the Frisbee as it flies through the hoop. It’s a great way to get everyone running around.

Relay races

This is another great way to keep a group of children occupied. You can mark out the end lines according to the children’s ages and build in rules such as teams must all be sitting on the floor before the team can be declared winners!

All of these activities are a great way to improve your's and your children’s aerobic fitness, build muscle and improve flexibility. There’s something here for everyone and the weather cannot effect indoor activities! Use the school holidays as an opportunity to improve your fitness and boost your weight loss.

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