Time saving tips for busy mums

When it comes to running a household, whether you believe it or not, mums' are the caretakers. It may mimic a 1950's outlook, but it's the truth. We, the women, have the control of the house, so to speak.

But it’s important for every mum to make time for herself. It’s a modern must. Sit down with your loved ones and discuss how you intend to take some time for yourself. It won’t happen on its own, so take control and let's get you going.

Are you struggling to find time for fitness? Why is that? It may be due to putting yourself at the bottom of your list. Move yourself up to number one. Because that’s what you are to your family.

Fancy a challenge?

So, here's a little challenge for you. Put yourself first for the next two weeks. This will require you to get up earlier, but you will quickly grow to love this time, as you decide how early to rise. But of course, there is a catch. During this time, you must exercise. Once again, what you do is your decision. It could be a bike ride, a walk around the park or indoors if you have a treadmill, or even yoga. What do you like to do? There is another catch: you must communicate this plan to your family. Tell them you must take care of yourself first, to give them the best care.

Get them on board

Sometimes your relationship with your spouse can become unbalanced, especially if both of you work. Sit down with your spouse and explain you are doing this for your health, so you can be around much longer and it will benefit everyone in your family. All of us want to be around for a long time to see what life has to offer. Tell your spouse you will be getting up a little earlier, and it’s now your time. No one can interrupt, and you can do with this time as you please.

New approach

It’s a wonderful way to start your day. You may find this time brings the balance you need in your life. Including exercise not only whittles away your waist, but it also relieves stress. You may even find during this time your brain engages in new ideas, new attitudes and may carry you on to new adventures previously put off because you had no time to exercise. You do have the time, you just need to take control and manage it with the cooperation of your family.

Ten steps to your success

1. Establish your priorities and make appointments with yourself in your day planner or on the kitchen calendar.

2. Highlight tasks or appointments in your calendar which you must complete that day, including eating properly and exercising. Free apps can help you organise your to-do list.

3. Look for ways to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine; every little counts.

4. Practice saying "no."

5. Be firm and don’t apologise for problems that are not your own.

6. Don't feel pressured into saying yes if you are not sure how a task will affect the rest of your schedule.

7. Identify your own personal ‘time thieves,’ and evaluate why you agree to their repeated demands.

8. Write a list of everything that needs doing, outside and inside the home. Have a family meeting to discuss the household duties and allow others to take on tasks they want to do each week.

9. Pop your list on the fridge and review it regularly.

10. Don’t revert to completing other people's tasks unless there is a specific reason to do so and make them aware of you helping.

So come on Mums, unite and declare your right to exercise. You can do this.

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