Yoga videos to help beat stress

The pressure of performing well in a yoga studio can often intimidate some, and if you are already stressed this can stop you enjoying the benefits of yoga. So forget about rolling out your yoga mat, and instead enjoy yoga from the comfort of your warm bed. Here are four videos that can help detox your mind and possibly even combat sleep problems.

Yoga in bed to unwind - Yoga by Candace

Here is a 12-minute soothing yoga sequence that helps release tension throughout your body. Candace herself is sat on her bed whilst doing the exercise, showing that sometimes there is nothing better than a cosy bed. The sequence focuses on letting go of stress from the day with stretches and deep breathing, perfect for people with insomnia or those who are filled with anxiety from the day.

Bedtime yoga - by Yoga TX

Another video to help fall to sleep and wash away any worries you may have had. When you follow Cole through the video you can feel the benefits on you lower back, shoulders and hamstrings. The simple art of stretching and building flexibility in your body can calm your mind and let you drift into a gentle slumber.

Yoga for emotional release - by Grokker

Follow this simple hip opening sequence to melt away tension deep within in the hips. This video promotes a release of tension in the body but also a release of emotion to help you let go of anything that you have been holding on to.

Yoga for stress - by Yoga TX

A 30-minute workout that is tailored to help with stress and anxiety. The sequences are simple and easy to pick up allowing you to get involved into the yoga experience. This allows you to build a more mindful state of mind that can benefit anyone with anxiety.


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