10 cool tips to survive a heatwave

10 cool tips to survive a heatwave: Tips 1-5

1. Wear loose, cool clothing, and also a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen if you need to go outdoors.

2. Shut windows and light-coloured curtains when it is hotter outside than inside. Open the windows again when it is cooler.

3. Use light-coloured curtains or shades to keep the sun out (dark curtains make the room hotter)

4. If you have a baby in a pram or pushchair, do not cover the hood with a muslin or cloth to keep the sun out. Contrary to popular belief, covering the hood actually causes temperatures to soar inside your baby's pushchair. Instead, the whole pushchair needs to be in the shade or take your baby indoors.

5. Head downstairs - since hot air rises, downstairs will always be that little more comfortable.

Read on to get tips 6-10.


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