10 misconceptions about menopause and HRT that every women should know

Myths 7 and 8

Myth 7: You cannot take HRT if you have a migraine

Many women notice that their migraines worsen as they go through their menopause. As you cannot take the oral contraceptive pill if you have a history of migraines, many women (and doctors) incorrectly think that you cannot take HRT if you have migraines. If you have migraines, then you should take oestrogen as gels or patches rather than as tablets.

Myth 8: HRT is associated with a risk of breast cancer in younger women with premature ovarian insufficiency (POI).

POI is when the menopause occurs in women under the age of 40 years . Women with POI should be given replacement hormones either in the form of HRT or the combined oral contraceptive pill (COCP) until at least the average age of the menopause (51 years). This is not just to improve any symptoms of the menopause but also to maintain their long-term health and reduce their increased risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular, psychological and cognitive diseases. Any risks of HRT (for example, breast cancer risk) do not apply to younger women with POI taking HRT. Taking hormones is simply replacing hormones that your body would otherwise be making up until the age of the natural menopause.


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