10 misconceptions about menopause and HRT that every women should know

Myths 9 and 10

Myth 9: Using oestrogen vaginally for vaginal dryness is associated with the same risks as taking HRT

Vaginal dryness is very common and using topical oestrogen as a vaginal tablet, cream or ring can be really effective. Using topical oestrogen in this way is not the same as taking HRT and therefore does not have the same risks associated with it. This is because these preparations work to restore oestrogen to your vagina and surrounding tissues without giving oestrogen to your whole body. These preparations can be safely used by most women and also can be used on a regular basis over a long period of time (usually indefinitely) as your symptoms will usually return if you stop this treatment.

Myth 10: Natural treatments for the menopause are always safer than HRT

Many women want to take "natural" products for their menopause but you have to be very careful how you define "natural". The definition of "natural" can be misleading and confusing. There are many medicines available which are derived from plants so therefore they are "natural" but many are unsafe and have been shown to be harmful to your bodies.

Many of the hormones in HRT prescribed today are "body identical" which means they have the same molecular structure as the hormones in our bodies. They are also natural in that they are derived from a plant chemical which is extracted from yams, which are tropical root vegetables.

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