4 healthy ways to combat sleep problems and SAD as the clocks go back

Cook up some 'happy' food

2. Cook up some 'happy' food

By factoring in certain foods to your diet, you can keep the winter blues at bay. According to recent research, yellow food makes us happy - reminders of the long-forgotten sunshine, perhaps.

Meanwhile, other foods, such as slow-release carbohydrates (that are also full of fibre), dark chocolate and spicy dishes, can boost the 'feel-good hormones'. Eating a healthy, balanced diet will also ward of infections and diseases to which many of us are prone throughout the coming months, with fruit and veg and omega-3 fatty acids 'must haves'.

Stock up on seeds, too - they contain tryptophan that helps the body to produce serotonin and have a calming effect on the brain. This is also found in beans, nuts, fish, chicken and, that all-time seasonal favourite, turkey! As for THE ultimate winter food - well, a banana ticks all the boxes. It's yellow, a slow-release carb so it boosts energy, full of potassium AND contains tryptophan to boost mood and reduce stress. It's also said to be an excellent hangover cure - worth noting come those Christmas parties…


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