4 healthy ways to combat sleep problems and SAD as the clocks go back

Keep active - and get travelling

3. Indoor activity

Don't ditch exercise just because the nights are drawing in and the mornings are dark. With fewer daylight hours, it's easy to lose motivation to get up and get out or even exercise in the evenings. But remember, all the hard work will pay off once it's January and you'll be feeling smug as the New Year newbies queue up to re-join the gym.

4. Have a change of scenery

Winter breaks are a wonderful opportunity to discover cities and other destinations at a reduced cost. Winter sun can be found for those of us hunting down a top up of vitamin D. And if you can't get away to foreign climes, even if it's cold out, you'll be doing your body more good than harm by seeking even weak sun exposure by taking the air here in the UK.


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