4 university health fixes to do before the academic year begins

Whether you're getting ready to start university or preparing to return for another year, September is an exciting time for many. But among the countless suitcases and piles of textbooks, many forget or disregard their health. What happens if you suffer from a terrible migraine? Chip a tooth? Now is the time to prepare for all of your health-related needs.

Don't forget to get that meningitis jab

Hitting the headlines last month was the meningitis vaccine, something that health officials are urging new students to get before setting off. Public Health England hopes this will protect young people against the various strains of the disease - particularly W, which is on the rise. The Men ACWY is a single injection given in the upper arm. On the NHS website, it encourages young teenagers and 'fresher' students up to the age of 25 to have the injection before they start university - or in their first few weeks. Meningitis W can be particularly severe and is fatal in one in ten cases. Don't forget to get the jab before you head off.

Get checked for STIs before you leave to avoid any surprises

Freshers week, in particular, is notorious for regrettable hook-ups as excited youngsters get stuck in to a week - or even two - of late-night partying. It's important to get an STI check-up before you head off to prevent the possible spread of diseases. A lot of people forget that you don't just catch them from others - you can give them to people too. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would feel if they hadn't bothered to get checked out before going home with you. The sexual health clinic is also a great source for free condoms.

Read on for more must-know health fixes.


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