4 university health fixes to do before the academic year begins

Essential university health fixes

Register with a local GP and dentist

If you'll be spending more time away from your hometown than in it, you'll need to register with a new GP. You have a choice, although the one connected to your university may be the easiest option. The same goes for dentists. Imagine having the world's worst toothache miles away from home and not having anyone to turn to. Registering with a local GP and dentist means you'll have access to emergency care if you need it (which hopefully you never will). For most people, it's just that peace of mind that help is available if and when you require it.

Nobody will be cooking your meals for you - so get clued up

The stereotypical student lies in until midday only to traipse into their kitchen with a blinding hangover and make him or herself a Pot Noodle. Don't do that. Although the prospect living without your parents breathing down your neck, telling what to eat, might seem appealing, the novelty quickly wears off.

But bad habits can quickly form and can be hard to get out of. Go prepared with healthy meal ideas. One great tip is to cook dishes - such as Shepherd's pie and pasta sauce - in bulk and freeze it. This is perfect for those days where you need to heat something up quickly. Admittedly it might not be as fast as pouring hot water into a pot of dry noodles, but at least you know it's healthy - and probably much tastier.


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