7 brilliant festival tips for you this summer

As the warmer weather rolls in, thousands across the country pull on their backpacks and head off for a messy weekend of camping and music. Although Glastonbury has been and gone, there are still many festivals scattered across the coming weeks - both at home and abroad.

For keen festival-goers, a few days of no showers and damp tents are no hardship. But among the alcohol and dancing, many forget the important things, like staying hydrated, well-rested and clean. Although it may seem impossible, all this is doable with a little bit of planning.

1. Take water

Although this may seem obvious, bottled water is usually outrageously expensive at festivals with some charging up to £3 in the arena. Taps are often scattered throughout the campsites but these can get boggy - particularly if the weather doesn't behave. Although it's heavy, bring as many bottles of water as you can manage (it's also handy if you want to have a wash!)

2. Healthy snacks

Hot dogs, burgers and kebabs are the usual 'culinary delights' on offer at festivals. However, it never hurts to have a few healthy snacks tucked inside your tent to keep your body nourished. Cereal bars and dried fruit work well.

3. Bring bottle lids

At most festivals, when you buy a bottle of water in the arena, you are handed it without a lid. But, obviously, not many people intend on glugging the entire bottle straightaway. By taking a few caps, you can save the water for later and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

4. Put some money aside

Hide away £10 and forget about it. Some people can hack a few days cleaning their bodies with only a handful of wet wipes - but others long for a shower. The queues at a festival can be long and the showers can be dirty. Do a bit of research beforehand and see if any leisure centres will be opening up their facilities for a small price. Even if it means getting up early and paying £5 for a cold shower, the time and money will be worth it.

5. Pack sun cream in abundance

Failing to smother yourself in sun cream on the first day could ruin the rest of the festival. Remember to apply a healthy layer at the start of each day - and continue to reapply it every few hours. A hat can also be a handy accessory, particularly if the campsite lacks shade.

6. Ear plugs and sleep mask

Getting some sleep can be a bit of a struggle. With the sun rising at 5.30am - and most music finishing even later than this - getting a decent night's sleep is almost impossible. Ear plugs can shut out at least some of the sound and an eye mask can shut out the light.

7. Beware of alcohol

You're there to have fun so by all means have a drink. But festivals are very different from a night out - you won't be going back to the comfort of your bed, a toilet and an unlimited water supply. This means you have to keep an eye on how much you drink. Excess alcohol consumption not only causes dehydration, it's also a diuretic so will make you wee more! The trick is to limit your alcohol intake and sip lots of water - not only will this keep you hydrated, it will most likely decrease the chances of you waking up with a horrendous hangover.

Julie Bissett is a freelance journalist. Follow Julie on twitter: @JulesBiscuit


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