7 top tips for tackling migraine

7 top tips to tackle migraine

1. Get treatment early, tailored to you

Modern treatment is very effective although every sufferer needs to be treated individually. Whatever type of treatment is used, it works best if given as early as possible in an attack. If attacks are uncommon, tablets or injections are used during each attack but if they happen frequently then treatment taken every day is often used to try and prevent the migraine from happening in the first place.

2. Avoid any foods that seem to bring on a migraine

Be consistent with your eating; try to eat at about the same time every day. Never skip meals - this can increase the risk of a migraine developing - and try to identify any foods that seem to trigger your migraines. If you think that certain things such as cheese, chocolate, caffeine or alcohol may be causing migraines, remove them from your diet to see what happens.

Read on to get more migraine tips.


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