7 top tips for tackling migraine

7 top tips to tackle migraine

5. Helpful herbs

Many people find that taking the herb Feverfew every day is a great help to stop or reduce their migraines. Lavender oil, either inhaled or applied topically, can also be used to help reduce headaches. Two to four drops for every two to three cups of water at boiled temperature are recommended when inhaling lavender and it can be safely applied externally without the need to dilute it. Lavender oil should not be taken orally.

6. Develop healthy screen habits

If you work at a computer, ensure your computer screen is properly adjusted and fitted with an anti-glare filter. Take regular breaks, and check that your posture is correct with your working environment and is as ergonomically-designed as possible.

7. Eat regularly but avoid sugary snacks

Make sure you include slow-release carbohydrate foods in your diet. Remember to drink plenty of water - at least 2 litres a day - and limit your intake of drinks containing caffeine and alcohol.


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