86-year-old man with cancer knits hats for premature babies

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Meet Ed Moseley - a grandfather with cancer living in Georgia, USA - who has taught himself to knit especially so he can make a big pile of tiny woolly hats for premature babies.

Ed took up his new hobby because of the challenge that he and fellow residents of the assisted living home, Dogwood Forest in Acworth, were set; to make these little hats for premature newborns at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, which is the same hospital where he is undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

At that time, he couldn't knit at all - but that didn't deter this retired engineer. Sharing his story with a regional news channel Atlanta Journal-Constitution, (1) Ed explained how his daughter helped him get started: "I told my daughter about it and I said, 'How can I knit? ... she got a [starter loom] kit, yarn and instruction kit for me. So I started slowly and learned it just takes patience.'"

After what he admits was a slow start, Ed can now knit a whole baby hat within an hour. He encouraged other residents to create them too which eventually led to the residents of Dogwood Forest donating over 300 hats to the hospital. Ed knitted a total of 55 hats himself.

The woolly donations were given to Northside Hospital on 17 November, which is World Prematurity Day.

Ed says that he often knits while watching the news or sports on TV and that he likes to use his time to help others and stay busy.

As well as helping others, it's also likely that Ed's knitting is helping his brain health too.

Research suggests that older people who enjoy crafts such as knitting can improve their brain function and mood; they are 30-50% less likely to have a 'mild cognitive impairment' than those who don't participate in these hobbies. (2)


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