9 ways to beat the blues

Top tips

7. Hit the road

Exercising helps us to release endorphins, creating a 'natural high.' If you find it hard to get started on a new exercise, focus not on the exercise itself, but how good you'll feel afterwards. It's a great way of motivating yourself in the early days.

8. Visualise happiness

To get out of a pattern of negative thinking, try to visualise yourself as happy and successful - and creating a positive visualisation of your day going well before getting out of bed. Over time, this should help to increase feelings of positivity.

9. Smile please!

If you're feeling a bit down, you probably don't feel like smiling - let alone laughing. However, research has shown that your brain can't distinguish between a 'false' laugh or smile and a 'real' one. So faking a smile could actually make you feel happier! Laughing yoga harnesses this idea, and groups meet together to laugh - with fake laughter often turning into the real thing. Benefits are said to include improvement in mood and even raised pain threshold.


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