Alcohol problems: when does social drinking become too much?

How to cut down safely

For some people, if they are drinking a little more than they should, it can be a simple case of reducing the amount they drink in a controlled way.

In individuals drinking more heavily, it is not quite as simple. People that have a dependence on alcohol, may develop withdrawal symptoms if they cut their drinking down suddenly.

If you become shaky, anxious or agitated on stopping alcohol or are drinking more than two or three drinks every single day, please see your doctor for advice as they can help you do it in the safest possible way.

Of course, during the festive season, people often drink more than usual. So just remember to keep within safe limits, have a couple of alcohol-free days a week, and see your doctor if you feel things are not quite in control.

Finally, the age-old reminder, which is so immensely important, is not to drink and drive.

In particular, be aware that if you have had a little too much to drink the night before, you may well still be over the legal driving limits the next morning, so be safe and take the bus or a taxi and help make sure everyone stays safe.


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