Alcohol problems: when does social drinking become too much?

Know your units

One unit of alcohol is:

- One small pub measure of a spirit (25 ml of 40% alcohol)

- Half a pint of ordinary strength beer or cider (3-4% alcohol

- Two thirds of a small glass of wine (a 125 ml glass contains 1.5 units of 12% alcohol).

It's also important to remember that many wines and beers are stronger than the more traditional ordinary strengths.

When are you drinking too much?

If you regularly go over your recommended weekly limit of 14 units a week, or are regularly binge drinking, then you are drinking more than is advised.

You do not need to be getting drunk to be over drinking. In fact, people that regularly drink over their recommended limits are less likely to become drunk as their body has built up a tolerance. However, a tolerance does not stop the damage being done.


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