Are you happy: Jane Bom-Bane, cafe owner & singer

I write songs and sing them wearing various mechanical hats. The hats are very involved - one has a revolving platform of illuminated fish inside a goldfish bowl to illustrate the feeling you get when you fall in love, as if you're looking out at everything through concave glass.

I've been running my cafe for a year, so I haven't built a hat recently, but each table we made for the cafe has a mechanical secret. One has a model of Brighton pier inside - the buttons make the merry-go-round turn. Chimes ring out when you lift the salt pot on another table.

My partner helps me see projects through. It's a large dimension of my happiness. The first time he saw me I was performing, so he knew what I was about. On our first date, he came with some good batteries I could use. It was a turning point: he's a perfectionist and influences me to do things properly. We stay up late and work together. I'll be busy painting and moulding the tiny parts, he'll be fixing a circuit.

Keeping myself busy is how I make sure I don't go into the depths of unhappiness. That's the key. There have been unhappy times. I've been there and come out of it, and I know it's all to do with confidence. I don't know where mine comes from, but I need to have that self-belief.

At the moment I'm the happiest I've ever been. I've arrived at the right point at the right time. I'm a lucky girl.

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