Bloating and tummy pain - is it ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer - treatment options

The treatment depends on various factors, for example the size of the cancer and if it has spread or not. Most women have an operation to remove the cancer and many women also have chemotherapy (which is a treatment of cancer by using anti-cancer drugs to kill cancer cells or stop them from multiplying).

The outlook following treatment for ovarian cancer depends on the stage of cancer when it is diagnosed, in other words, whether it is early or advanced. When a woman is diagnosed with an early stage of ovarian cancer, her chances of surviving for five years doubles from just 46% to more than 90%.

If you have intermittent abdominal bloating - that comes and goes - then it is likely to be due to something else and not due to ovarian cancer. However, don't ignore any symptoms you may have - if you are concerned in any way you should see your doctor. More information can be found at Target Ovarian Cancer.


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