Bloating and tummy pain - is it ovarian cancer?

What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

The symptoms of ovarian cancer are usually very vague and non-specific and that is often why it is not easy to diagnose early. The most common symptoms are having a constant pain or a feeling of 'pressure' in the lower abdomen or pelvic area and having bloating in the abdomen that does not go away (not bloating that comes and goes).

Some women notice that there is an actual increase in size of their abdomen. Another symptom is having difficulty eating and feeling full quickly. Some women notice that they need to pass urine more often than usual.

Occasionally other symptoms develop such as extreme tiredness, loss of weight or loss of appetite. Many women find they experience some of these symptoms.

The important point regarding symptoms of ovarian cancer is that these symptoms are frequent (occur more than 12 times a month), are persistent, (they do not go away) and they are also new symptoms (symptoms that do not usually occur and have recently started in the past year).

Read on to find out how ovarian cancer is diagnosed.


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