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Playmobil magazine, £3.99, all major and independent newsagents

Ahoy there, me hearties! 'Tis nearly the weekend, yo ho ho, and time for your bottle of rum (coke or other mixer optional). If you have young children and are hoping for just a few minutes' peace and quiet on said weekend, well, good luck with that. But you could try to placate any small pirates of your acquaintance with this new magazine from Playmobil, which comes with a pirate toy. Buy of the Day hasn't checked the weekend's weather forecast, but we suspect your timbers may be shivering.


Balsamic onion & mature cheddar quiche by Higgidy, at Sainsbury's, Booths and Ocado. RRP £3.79

Planning a picnic this weekend? Or maybe you are lucky enough to be attending one today (in which case, where was Buy of the Day's invite?). Either way, BoTD has developed a bit of a penchant for this extremely tasty quiche. Sweet balsamic onions and mature cheddar (not too powerful, though) and really moreish pastry in a summery limited edition combination. Very limited, if it's anyone near BoTD, that's for sure. Get it before we scoff them all.


Gold inlay journals from Paperblanks, from £11.99,

BoTD reckons if you totted up all the suggestions it's ever made, there would be a dead heat between stationery and chocolate as top picks. If anyone ever made a chocolate notebook, we could retire happy. Anyway this latest collection from Paperblanks is almost too pretty to soil with your rubbish handwriting. But perhaps writing in something so beautiful will raise your game, and your script will become as elegant. Who knows. Worth a try, though.


Children's vitamins and probiotics, from

What with all the playing, splashing, creating of mess and general causing-of-havoc that children on school holidays are currently up to, they need to be in tip-top shape. Never mind when they go back to school, how can you drive your parents properly mad if you're feeling a bit below par, eh? Nutrition Centre's website has a particularly excellent selection of vitamins and supplements for children – including lots of vegetarian options for those who prefer to avoid gelatine capsules (Viridian vitamins are also noted for their particularly high quality of ingredients/production). The probiotic powder is something worth keeping on standby in your fridge, both for general health and in case the small fry need to have a course of antibiotics, which can be particularly harsh on little stomachs.

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