Can going 'Hygge' like the Danish boost your winter wellness?

Simple pleasures can really boost your mood

It's not just the Danes who relish winter. Norwegians also come alive in the colder months. They love winter sports such as skiing and socialise at winter festivals. They appreciate the quirky beauty of the season - the soft light and early sunsets.

Norwegians also have 'koselig', a word which literally means 'cosy' - watching your favourite film under a blanket as the rain lashes outside. By embracing rather than resisting the winter months, Scandinavians delight in finding joy at this time of year. They can find 'hygge' in many situations.

Research has found that Scandinavians tend to remember sunlight in a special way. As they see less of it, they cherish rare glimpses of the sun and feel energised by it. (2) In contrast, we Brits tend to bond by moaning about the weather.

So if you're struggling with the colder and darker days and nights, why not adopt a Scandi-style positive mindset and make the most of the season we're in right now, rather than wishing time away?

Read on to get our Scandi-style mood-boosting tips.


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