Can going 'Hygge' like the Danish boost your winter wellness?

Tips for boosting your mood Scandi-style

Going Scandi means creating and spending time in a nice, warm atmosphere, and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you.

  • Candlelight is a vital part of creating Hygge. Scatter candles and fairy lights around your home for a bit of twinkly magic (they don't have to be real candles if you're worried about safety - you can buy lovely battery operated candles).
  • Appreciate your friends and family. You don't have to throw lavish parties - just a simple meal with everyone talking and laughing together around the table is pure Hygge.
  • Enjoy the little luxuries in life - a lovely glass of wine (red wine, in moderation, is thought to be good for your heart) or the ultimate comfort food - dark chocolate (crammed with health boosting antioxidants).
  • Scandinavians love Christmas; it's where Hygge really comes into its own. So go all out with fairy lights, candles, mulled wine and wooden decorations. Celebrate midwinter in true Scandi style.
  • Embrace the chance to relax indoors without having to race around; we all need a rest at this time of year. This is about looking after your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical health.
  • Switch off social media and live in the moment instead - whether that's reading a book or just sitting and doing nothing.
  • When your batteries are fully recharged, wrap up warm and get outdoors to enjoy the natural beauty of this time of year such as early sunsets, frost and snow...
  • And when we're lucky enough to have a sunny, milder day, soak up those rays and really treasure how good it makes you feel.

Winter is as wonderful as summer - we just need to stop and open our eyes to it.





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