Case Notes

What's the first illness you can remember and how old were you? Mumps. I was so young I hadn't a clue what was happening.

When did you last see your doctor? In 1996 for routine travel innoculations. I was last taken ill in 1989 with 'flu.

What kind of patient are you? Cooperative, though I'm not keen on antibiotics or pain-killers.

What's the most pain you've ever been in? When I tore three tendons in my ankle playing football. I remember rolling over and over, chewing grass and soil. The ankle was strapped up and took four frustrating months to return to normal.

What's your biggest vice? Sunbeds. I know they're bad, but hate looking pasty. I limit myself to twice-weekly sessions and slather on the moisturiser as they dry your skin out like no one's business.

Have you given anything up for your health? Yes: the typical teenage smoking/drinking revelry. Treat my innards with a lot more respect these days, cutting all fat off meat and holding the mayo and butter.

How do you deal with stress? I see the best in things. You either thrive on stress or shit your pants. When things get hairy I like to think I raise my performance to meet the challenge.

What alternative therapies have you tried? (Did they help?) I'm not really into them, although I have a soft spot for lavender oil combined with nice relaxing music.

Is there any illness you particularly fear? No. At the slightest hint of a cold I slam two grammes of vitamin C down my head, plus high potency garlic capsules and anti-oxidant goodies such as raw onion.

And your secret for good health? Well balanced diet; everything in moderation; regular exercise that you enjoy; and the sun.

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