Case Notes Marcia Warren

What's the first illness you can remember and how old were you? Whooping cough at seven, so I missed being a rabbit and Mummy had already sewn the cotton-wool on my swimsuit.

When did you last see your doctor? In July for indigestion, but I decided to treat it myself.

What kind of patient are you? Stoic: we never close.

What's the most pain you've ever been in? Period pain in my 20s. Poor women.

What's your biggest vice? Being a gourmet. It's also my biggest joy.

Have you given anything up for your health? Meat, dairy, alcohol and caffeine. It was hell.

How do you deal with stress? Punch a pillow.

What alternative therapies have you tried? (Did they help?) Homoeopathy and cranial and sacral osteopathy. Indeed they do.

Is there any illness you particularly fear? Cancer. One is surrounded by it.

What do you consider the biggest medical breakthrough this century? I'm playing an Alzheimer's sufferer at the moment, and the drugs that cope with injuries of the mind are in my thoughts.

And your secret for good health? Hay diet, water and calm. I can dream, can't I?

Marcia Warren's current production, In Flame, runs until February 6 at the Bush Theatre, Shepherd's Bush Green, in London.

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